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I Will Be Calling All Three Games of The Philadelphia Big 5 Classic

The Big 5 has been a major tradition in the history of Philadelphia sports dating all the way back to the year 1954. That’s right, the rivalries are nearly 70 years old! Well, tomorrow marks a first in this historic college basketball grouping – The Big 5 Classic tips off for its inaugural triple header at 2 p.m. tomorrow down at the Wells Fargo Center! This year, instead of each of the local college basketball programs playing each other in a round-robin style format throughout the regular season, the teams were split into two separate pods of three. Then, those three teams all battled each other, and the winner of each pod would play the winner of the other pod, and so on down the rankings. In case you thought the math was off because it is called the Big 5 and I mentioned six teams, well, the original Big 5 welcomed a new member this year – Drexel! The two pods this year were separated as such: Group 1: Villanova, St. Joes, and Penn. Group 2: Temple, La Salle, and Drexel. Pod play concluded on Wednesday and now the matchups are all set for tomorrow. The fifth-place game tipping-off at 2 p.m.: Villanova (0-2) vs. Drexel (0-2) The third-place game tipping-off at 4:45 p.m.: La Salle (1-1) vs. Penn (1-1) The championship game tipping-off at 7:30 p.m.: Temple (2-0) vs. St. Joe’s (2-0) Not only is it a first for the local college basketball programs, but it is also a first for me as well! I will be in the building doing the public address announcing for all three games, and I am stoked. Although, I have never called two games in a row, let alone three! But I couldn’t be more excited because I love the Big 5 and I am a huge Nova fan! Plus, I get to be a part of history. I wish the Wildcats were playing in the championship game, but I chose to look at their appearance in the last-place game in a more positive way. The Big 5 championship has been won many, many times – 68 times to be exact – but no team has ever come in sixth place in the Big 5’s history, so I chose to think that Nova opted for the more historical placing in this year’s Big 5 Classic! Anyway, I can’t wait to get down there tomorrow and hopefully, a bunch of you will be in the building as well! By the way, if you can’t make it, all the games will be streaming on Peacock and NBC Sports Philadelphia. More from Matt Cord... [select-listicle listicle_id="911090" syndication_name="my-25-mile-bike-ride-with-casey-boy-preparing-for-ben-to-the-shore" description="yes"]

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