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Philadelphia has been ranked in the Top 10 dog owner cities in the U.S.  The Dog Advisory Council, as expected, rated the best and worst dog owners by city because we need to know. The advisory council used data from Twitter to check for complaints related to dog owners, dog behavior, being off-leash, not cleaning up poop and the dogs barking. The short version, they checked data on whether you were a courteous dog owner or not. The higher the score in each category, the more complaints from people.

Two Pennsylvania cities made the list, one of them probably won’t be happy about its ranking. Let’s start with the good city (read as the better city.) Philadelphia ranked number 9 on the list of 25 cities. Philly owners seem very good about keeping their dogs leashed when in public only receiving a score of 3.7. Barking is a slightly higher score, but not terrible. Dogs are dogs and they’re going to bark. Recently my dog has decided he’s going to bark and chase the hawks flying around my property. Philly dogs come in with a 5.4 score in this category as most people here understand dogs bark, deal with it. Let’s check the most important score if you like to take walks around your neighborhood, cleaning up after your dog. Philadelphia dog owners got a 10.9 on the dog poop index. 11 cities in the top 25 rankings had worse poop scores. Everything added together and Philadelphia a 22.3 overall score. Not great, until you look at the worst owners list, especially the poop scores…

That 2nd, and not as good Pennsylvania city that made the top 25 worst dog owners is Philly’s western counterpart, Pittsburgh. Not only does Pittsburgh make the Top 25 worst dog owner cities, it ranks #1 on the list. Their dog’s off-leash in public score is 16.9. Barking is 13.7. Both scores aren’t horrendous, but now the moment of truth. The poop score. Pittsburgh receives a score of 47.1 complaints per 100,000. Only 2 of the worst top 25 cities received higher scores. Adding all the scores up gets the Steel City a score of 88.5.

Bottom line: Philadelphia dog owners are the best in PA and some of the best across the country. You can find the whole story and rankings here: Best and Worst Dog Owner Cities.


Dog-Friendly Beaches At The Jersey Shore You Need To Visit This Summer

If you’re a dog owner you may be wondering if there are dog-friendly beaches in this area. There are, and they’re right at the Jersey Shore!

Yes, you and your pup are welcome, even during summer. Typically, dogs are not allowed on the beach during the on-season. For good reason, too. Crowded beaches with people who may or may not like dogs are probably not a god idea for your pup. In order to prevent issues, beach towns tend to only allow dogs on beaches from (roughly) October to April.

But, there is a way for you to take your dog to the beach without freezing solid. And that is the beautiful world of dog-friendly beaches. A world of sand and sun and happy doggies frolicking in the water. These beaches are close enough for a day-trip from Philadelphia, and your dog will thank you. The spring and summer get pretty dang hot. It’s only fair to let your fur-baby get in on the fun of a shore trip.

A tip, though. Be prepared for sand, and a lot of it. As long as you account for a wet and sandy puppy, it’ll be a good time. But that’s the fun of it, right? Letting your dog enjoy something you enjoy, too. It’s okay that they get a bit messy on ya!

If you’re looking to make a vacation of it, don’t fret. There are also dog-friendly rentals in every shore town. So you and your furry friend can stay and lounge in style. Make the trip to check out one of these awesome dog-friendly beaches.

  • Longport Dog Beach

    Chicago's Doggy Beach

    Photo by Tim Boyle/Getty Images

    Longport Dog Beach is an off-leash dog beach located at Malibu Beach Wildlife Management area in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Dogs of all sizes are allowed to play in the sand and water, unrestricted. It’s open year-round for your pup to play. But of course, what makes it paw-mazing is that you can visit during the summer months. A rarity at the Jersey Shore!

  • Wildwood Dog Park & Beach

    Summer Crowds Enjoy The Surfing In Cornwall

    Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images

    Look for the giant fire hydrant sculpture. There you will find a doggy heaven. Wildwood Dog Park and Beach in Wildwood, NJ is a dog-friendly spot where owners can walk their dog under the boardwalk and access the beach. There is plenty of room for you and your fur-baby to bask in the sun and take a swim. Dogs must be leashed on the beach itself, but the fenced-in dog park is leash-free!

  • Eighth Avenue Dog Beach

    U.S. Experiences Warmest January On Record

    Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

    The Eighth Avenue Dog Beach in Asbury Park, NJ welcomes pups all year long. From September to May, you dog is free to play all day long. In the summertime, though, you and your doggo should plan an early morning or evening visit. Dogs are prohibited between 8:30 am and 6:00 pm. But when your dog can step on the beach, an off-leash run at this popular beach will be in order.