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Ahhh.  Who doesn’t love talking about sandwiches? Especially popular sandwich chains!

No matter what you call it. A sub, a hero, a grinder, a hoagie… They all fall into the sandwich category and who doesn’t love a quality sandwich?

You probably have your favorite local restaurant that has your favorite sandwich or a local deli with the finest deli meats.  Okay, I’m starving just thinking of all of this.

I believe it’s all about the bread.  If you have a quality roll, you are most likely going to have a great sandwich.  Boars Head or Dietz & Watson deli meats are my favorites and you can’t go wrong with either.  A quality cheese is key.  I’m a big Provolone guy, my wife is a Swiss lover.  Cooper Sharp is a phenomenal choice or you can go straight American Cheese.  No wrong choice here. I haven’t even touched on hot sandwiches.  Chicken Parm, Meatball, CheeseSteak, Buffalo Chicken, BLT, the choices are endless!

Also, a nice spread.  Whether it’s oil, mayo, mustard, honey mustard.  That can make or break a sandwich as well. Now, let’s chat about other add-ons.  Lettuce, tomato, onion is my go-to.  My wife loves banana peppers. You also have sweet peppers, avocado, pickles, cucumbers, olives.  Is anyone else starving right now?

A website called TastingTable ranked the 20 Most Popular Sandwich Chains.  You may agree with some or may disagree.  Either way, sandwiches are the greatest!!!


  • Subway

    Besides Wawa subs, this is my most frequented sub shop.  It’s simple and I get the same thing every time.  Chicken Bacon Ranch with Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion on a Italian Herbs & Cheese bread. Boom!

  • Quiznos Sub

    For some reason, I find there subs to be small.  I still enjoy it every time.

  • Blimpie

    Pretty good.  I have only had it once. I was satisfied.

  • Portillo's

    Another one that sounds super familiar but I can’t remember if I have been there or not.

  • Jimmy John's

    They have the best commercials and the subs are pretty good as well.

  • Wawa

    If you live in New Jersey, Philly, or Delaware…. You know Wawa and you know Wawa well!  Sandwiches are very good!  (Can I just say that I love that Sheetz did not make this list. Haha, take that!)

  • Which Wich

    I really like the name of this chain.  I want to say I have seen one of these but I can’t remember.  Haven’t tried this one.

  • Schlotzsy’s Deli

    Not only did I copy and paste the name of the deli because I couldn’t spell it, I am not sure I can pronounce it either.  Never heard of this one!

  • Penn Station East Coast Subs

    I’m not sure why it’s called Penn Station East Coast Subs when it was founded in Ohio.  I have been to Penn Station many times and have never seen one in there.


  • Lenny’s Grill & Subs

    This is definitely not a Northeast chain.  I have heard of Larry’s cheesesteaks but that’s a local Philly cheesesteak joint.  Never heard of Lenny’s.

  • Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

    I didn’t know this was a chain.  They are a Philly staple.  If you have not tried “The Bobbie,” you are dearly missing out!  The Bobbie is Thanksgiving on a roll.  It’s slow-roasted turkey topped with cranberry sauce, handmade stuffing and mayo. OMG AMAZING!

  • Publix

    I have only seen Publix in Florida and in Charleston, SC.  I got a sandwich from Publix in Charleston and first of all, it was massive.  2nd of all, it was amazing!!  Great sandwiches at Publix!

  • Jersey Mike’s

    I think this is my favorite of all the chains.  They have a Jersey Mike’s in my hometown and my wife and I frequent this spot occasionally!

  • Firehouse Subs

    Fantastic sandwiches!

  • Au Bon Pain

    Another chain I have never heard of.

  • Potbelly Sandwich Shop

    Very underrated.  I rarely see Potbelly’s around but there is one across the street from XTU so I’ve been there once or twice or 15 times. A quality establishment!

  • Jason’s Deli

    This was founded in Texas and I have never seen a Jason’s Deli.

  • Mendocino Farms

    I have no idea what this is.

  • Panera Bread

    Panera makes their own fresh bread every day.  They have some random sandwiches but they are all great!

  • Pret A Manger

    This is a London-based sandwich shop so I haven’t heard of it or tried it.

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