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AUCHTERARDER, SCOTLAND - JUNE 29: A gun dog rests on the front lawn at the Gleneagles Season Opener 2017 - celebrating a new era of the Glorious Playground at The Gleneagles Hotel on June 29, 2017 in Auchterarder, Scotland. (Photo by Ross Gilmore/Getty Images for Gleneagles)

After one dog at an Appleton, Wisconsin shelter destroyed their stuffed animal, a CSI case was hilariously born. A 4-year old chocolate lab mix by the name of Hank fell in love with a fuzzy purple hippo toy. When he arrived at the Fox Valley Humane Association, he would not go anywhere without his oversized plush. There have even been multiple photos post of Hank and his hippo together on the Fox Valley Humane’s Instagram.

The photo noted that if you were interested in adopting Hank, he would also have to come with his purple hippo. Fox Valley Humane Association wrote, “If you aren’t ready for a 4-year-old Chocolate Lab to come home when you adopt your fuzzy Hippopotamus…well, sorry we can’t approve your application.”

Instagram post by Fox Valley Humane Association * Jul 13, 2017 at 9:50pm UTC

494 Likes, 13 Comments - Fox Valley Humane Association (@foxvalleyhumane) on Instagram: "UPDATE: Chief Thomas, of the Appleton Police Department, and K9 Blue (APD's Therapy Dog in-..."

However, even though all the dogs and employees of the shelter were aware of Hank’s favorite toy, something terrible still happened. One day, when Amy Christensen, a volunteer, and communications director for Fox Valley Humane Association checked on Hank, she noticed he was in his cage alone. His purple hippo was seriously deflated, laying on Hank’s dog bed.

Rebecca Klich, creative director at the association, took photos of the damage and decided to make the area look like a crime scene. With one pup dressed up as a police officer, a makeshift CSI episode was born.

In an attempt to save the purple hippo’s life, doctors at the shelter decided to perform surgery. All of which was hilariously recorded and uploaded on their Instagram account. The caption noted that Hank was “refusing to answer [their] questions.” The dog apparently only “looked away with guilt” when asked what he did to the purple hippo.

HANK UPDATE If you did not see the full story (on our Facebook page) of what REALLY happened that fateful night when the Fuzzy Purple Hippo was injured here it is! AND if you didn't hear, both Hank and his BFF were released into the custody of this amazing family!!! the long, harrowing, and romantic tale below: APPLETON CHIEF OF POLICE EXONORATES HANK OF ALL WRONGDOING IN OFFICIAL STATEMENT!! Through the joint efforts of a talented therapist, brilliant attorney, and stellar investigative team from the Appleton Police Department, the truth has been revealed! On the evening of Monday, July 10 after FVHA staff had left for the night, the Fuzzy Purple Hippo attempted to scale their kennel door. Having opposable thumbs (a design flaw at the stuffie factory?) she believed that she could open the lock if she got to the other side, then free Hank as well. The pair planned to grab a few treats from the box that they stare longingly at all day from their kennel, snag a comfy blanket from the cart in the hall, then head out to the backyard to snuggle and stargaze. The romantic night of their dreams... ...things, as you may have guessed, did not go exactly as planned... Fuzzy Purple Hippo made it to the top of the kennel door with the sort of grace and finesse not typically seen in a hippopotamus, and Hank saw his periwinkle angel in a whole new light. His big chocolate heart thumped an extra beat. As quickly as his heart had soared, it crashed...when her silky fur caught on the wire at the very top of the kennel. His heart wrenching howl could be heard throughout the shelter as she struggled to free herself but could not. Hank slid his bed to the door, made a mountain of his blankets, and climbed atop it all until he could stretch high enough to rescue his damsel in distress. Hank cared for his princess throughout the night until the staff arrived and Dr Laura could perform the life-saving surgery that she needed. Why did he not just explain what happened from the beginning and avoid the speculation and accusations, you ask? That's exactly what we wanted to know! CONTINUED IN NEXT POST..... #fuzzypurplehippo #fvha #foxvalleyhumaneassociation

446 Likes, 18 Comments - Fox Valley Humane Association (@foxvalleyhumane) on Instagram: "HANK UPDATE If you did not see the full story (on our Facebook page) of what REALLY happened that..."

Luckily, the purple hippo survived the surgery. Even though he is still currently sans stuffing, Hank managed to skip on being charged and was adopted by a family on July 13th.

Both Hank and the purple hippo are still living together.


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