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The most shocking and heart-wrenching moment of 2017 came when we began hearing news of Tom Petty having a cardiac arrest and conflicting stories about his passing.  When it was finally revealed that he did indeed pass away, our entire staff was heartbroken.  Here’s some thoughts & stories about moments our DJs had with Tom Petty. 

John DeBella, Debbi Calton, Andre Gardner and Ray Koob share their thoughts on Tom Petty’s music and his passing.

Tom Petty made amazing music with The Heartbreakers but he also had some very special musical moments with some rock n roll luminaries like Eddie Vedder, Prince, Stevie Nicks, Dave Grohl and more.

Ray Koob gives us an emotional explanation on how he dealt with the news of Tom Petty’s passing & he recounts memories and an experience he had with the legendary musician.

Debbi Calton shares her fond memories of Tom Petty. Debbi worked at radio stations down South. Tom was from Florida, so her bond and reflections with Petty and his music differ a bit from us Northeast coasters.