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You’ve been in packed parking lots or parking garages before when there are absolutely no spots and you have to hope one of your turns is timed right to see a car pulling out.  You also have to hope there isn’t another driver doing the same as you coming from the other direction, because then we’ve got a stand off. Cue the music from The Good the Bad and The Ugly, because we’ve got ourselves a parking lot stand off.

Well 2 drivers over in Ireland have their *bleep* figured out. They had the same problem I just talked about, 2 cars, 1 spot (sounds like a gross video you could find on the internet.) These guys decided the best way to handle it was a civil game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. Winner takes the spot.  Here is the video.

I’ve long believed Rock, Paper, Scissors was the best way to settle things. It doesn’t matter who is really right or wrong. Best of three, best of one, hell, best of seven if you’ve got the time. No complaints, by the losing party allowed. Chances are if the contest gets intense, and goes on longer than 30 seconds, any anger regarding the initial argument is probably gone anyway.

Story time. About a decade ago when my wife and I rented a townhouse we were at her parents house talking about Christmas trees and what type we would get for our first Christmas at our place. My family has always been a real tree family, her family was a fake tree family. So I decided that we would do a best of 3 RPS game to decide what tree we were getting. This isn’t the first time Kristin and I have settled things using Rock, Paper, Scissors, so I know I already have an advantage because when it comes to this game if she’s down or we’re tied she sort of gets in her own head. It’s a joy to watch honestly, makes me laugh all the time. Well I whooped her in this game. Real Christmas tree it is! Little did I know that she came from a family that had no respect for the rules of engagement regarding RPS!  I think we all know what kind of tree we have in the townhouse… A few days later a large box showed up at the door. It was a fake tree that her parents had purchased after the decision was over. Once we bought our current home we became a 2 Christmas tree family, real tree in the living room and that fake one in the family room.

If your opponent respects the rules and decision of the Rock, Paper, Scissors contest then this is a great way to solve an issue. If you really want to spice it up, try playing Ranger, Poacher, Bear. Trust me, that one is sure to get some laughs.