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Should You Try Dry January

Over the holidays, most people over indulge on everything. Food, deserts, alcoholic beverages. Why not?! You made it through another year! Go enjoy yourself with your family and friends. Watch some crappy college football bowl games, have a few beers, eat some wings, some nachos, etc. But once you get through New Year's Eve and you're about to get back into the grind... what should you be doing? A lot of people like to start the new year off with resolutions of losing weight or getting into a routine at a gym. All things that we end up breaking a few weeks in, because making those changes for a long time is very hard. There might be something that is a bit easier and more short term. It also may have some pretty good benefits for your too. A 'Dry January' could be in your future. It's only 31 days and the first week is probably really easy since you'll have already gorged yourself over Christmas and the week leading up to New Year's Eve. Experts have said their are many benefits for even something as simple as giving up alcohol for 31 days. You’ll sleep better and have more energy - I could use this and my wife would probably be happy because it might cut down on my snoring. You may lose weight - Of course this is number 1 for most people. Cutting out the empty calories of alcohol seems like a no brainer. Try telling your drunk self that though. Strengthen your immune system - Makes sense since you're body would be working at 100% the day after with no hangover. You’ll have less headaches - See above mention. The one thing that might make this a bit tougher on people is the fact that the Eagles are in the playoffs. People like to drink during games. After they get eliminated in the first round a lot of us might need a drink or two to drown our sorrows (and probably anger). After they're out there is still more football to watch! Dry mid-February to mid-march seems like a much easier goal! Less days too. [select-listicle listicle_id="852268" syndication_name="the-price-of-beer-at-every-nfl-stadium-in-2021-2022" description="yes"]

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