Our I Want My MGK Weekend celebrates awesome MTV era 80’s rock tunes. Get ready for tracks from The Police, Billy Idol, Dire Straits, Springsteen, Peter Gabriel, and surprises from the likes of – Stray Cats, Blondie, Men At Work.  Here are some of our favorite 80’s rock videos.

The special effects employed in this video helped take this hit song to an even bigger level for Peter Gabriel.

This video had a concept/story line, lots of bikers & of course tons of beard.  It was played incessantly on MTV & brought ZZ Top to a whole new audience.

The Police played with fire and achieved some great results with this iconic video.





The use of graphics and animation in this video helped make this one of the biggest videos of all time.  Dire Straits & Mark Knopfler starred alongside the cartooney cigar-smoking delivery-man.


This one helped take Van Halen’s career to an even higher level.



Billy Joel took it to the streets for this video that received plenty of play during the mid-80’s.



Stevie’s star power and spinning skills were on full display in this video.  The dancers in this video definitely have outfits that reflected the fashion of the time.


Stevie Nicks - Stand Back (Official Video)

Uploaded by LadyFromTheMountain1 on 2010-10-08.



Genesis took puppetry to a different level in his concept video.




Tom Petty was an awesome Mad Hatter in this ‘WONDERful’ video.




You get a full dose of DavidByrne’s quirkinesss in this video.