Our I Want My MGK Weekend celebrates the end of summer with an indulgent weekend full 80’s era MTV tunes!  This weekend inspired us to look back at 80’s rock songs that had some incredibly cheesy dancing.  Elton, Billy Squire, Journey, Styx & REO made the cut. Here’s our faves….

Mick and David’s dance moves are elevated to another level of funny in this special version of the video.




Billy Squire is a cool guy. He should stick to the guitar and leave the dancing to the cast of ‘Fame’ or ‘Footloose’.




Elton is ‘Still Standing’ and we are still laughing.  The guests at his beach party have some interesting attire & dramatic dance moves.


Air keyboards in the first 20 seconds = 80’s gold. Maybe the band can find some common ground on agreeing that playing ‘air keyboards’ and ‘air guitar’ in this video was not their coolest moment.




‘The Robot’ dance move is so 80’s.   This video is full of that move & some very unspecial lighting effects.


Styx - Mr. Roboto (Music Video)

Lyrics to Mr. Roboto: Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Mata ahoo Hima de Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto Himitsu wo Shiri tai You're wondering who I am (Secret secret, I've got a secret) Machine or mannequin (Secret secret, I've got a secret) With parts made in Japan (Secret secret, I've got a



There’s no 80’s dancing in this one, but with the sound off, this video takes on the vibe of a Sceintology recruitment video.