With a husband who is an active musician, we’ve always had guitars and banjos and ukuleles and accordions etc. around the house. The first time I made enough money to pay my rent and my car payment and STILL had a little bit left over, I bought a piano. It took me forever to pay off that baby but I still have that beautiful black shiny instrument in my living room. Although Chip is trying to downsize some of his collection (which is formidable) he is still always on the prowl for something new. Like this cute little uke-bro. Or would you call it a dobro-lele? It is a combination ukelele/dobro and it’s not only adorable, it sounds really great and you’ll probably hear it played when he and his duo partner Tommy Stinson FINALLY release their COWBOYS IN THE CAMPFIRE record. It’s a good thing to support local independent music stores and there are still a number in our area. And it’s ALWAYS a good thing to have several instruments around the house to give the kids (or adults!) a choice and chance to learn something new. Enjoy this great song from our local boys The Hooters!