I have two of ’em: Greg and Steve. They were 5 and 7 years younger than me and that gap seemed pretty big growing up. Greg collected snakes which I would find in my shoes (ewwwww!!!!) and Steve, being the youngest, could get any with anything. So I tolerated them and they probably did the same to me. I’m so glad that as an adult I LOVE spending time with both of them. I’m lucky to have them both and they are SO different from each other! Although they live in the South (Greg in NC, Steve in Ga.) we have some great times around the kitchen table when we get together. This picture is probably from Turkey, where we lived for two years in the early-mid 60’s. They are with my mom Betty who is looking oh so glam in her sunglasses.

And this is a song called “Brothers” by one of my favorite favorite favorite bands THE WAR ON DRUGS. I love the vibe of this song although I will admit I had never seen the video until now and it’s a tad disturbing.