It’s National Leon Day and I suspect it was someone named Leon who declared it so. It’s a compellingĀ name, one that conjures up that regal beast with theĀ flow-y mane. We lost a major Leon recently in Leon Redbone. Do you love Leon Bridges? (I do) Then there’s the Kings of Leon. But always, when I think Leon, I will think Leon Russell first. Here’s one of the many great songs he brought us during his amazing musical career (and talk about flow-y manes!)

LEON RUSSELL /// 1. Stranger In A Strange Land - (Leon Russell And The Shelter People) - (1971)

Artist: Leon Russell Album: Leon Russell And The Shelter People (1971) Track: 1 How many days has it been since I was born How many days until I die Do I know any ways that I can make you laugh Or do I only know how to make you cry