Waiting tables is a tough job. I did it (very poorly) one summer in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. My first job, which barely lasted one day, was at The Robin Hood Restaurant which I think is still there. They put me on an overnight shift which was slow and fine but then the breakfast crowd started streaming in and I was totally over my head. I remember just¬†standing in the middle of the dining area and yelling out “who got the bacon and eggs?” Yeah, I was gone by 9AM. Then I went to an “all you can eat” family¬†restaurant where I lasted about a month or so. The tips were terrible but the sweet potato biscuits were great so I kept scarfing those and eating leftover cheesecake from people’s plates. That was also the summer that, when my dad came to pick me up to take me back home because I was so broke, he exclaimed “Debra! You’re fat!” Thanks Dad. Anyway, major props to all the servers out there and here’s a snappy little ditty courtesy of a sassy Ella Fitzgerald.