The Rolling Stones in Philly. They came, they played for two hours and change, and they conquered a massive Lincoln Financial Field audience. 

So when I go to a concert, I jot down phrases in NOTES on my phone so I can remember significant moments and songs. Here are my unfiltered jottings on the Stones NO FILTER tour last night at the Linc. Not intended to be totally thorough but I’m too tired to pull them together into a cohesive post. Where YOU there? What did YOU think?

9:10 lights down a few sprinkles Cool backdrop with four screens all with tongue logos Black paint drips over tongue backdrop
Play tricked out version of Star Spangled Banner on speakers
Come out with a bang and a clang with Street Fighting Man
Keith needs a hairpiece or a hat or his bandanna
Ronnie looks great. Smiles all around. Healthy
Mick red jacket satiny floral shirt. Dancing dancing dancing. Great shape.
You Got me Rockin
Tumbling Dice
Bitch fan choice
Mick mentioned towns? Where did people drive from…
Mick acoustic You can’t always get what You Want
Ronnie KILLED on guitar solo
In a shoot out b/t Ronnie and Keith… Ronnie wins hands down
The four of them come down to acoustic setup at end of runway Mick made some Philly football references 50 yard line Jake Elliott
Dead Flowers
Sympathy Mick comes out in top hat and topcoat and tails. How DID Bernard Fowler and other Sasha Allen do some many consistent woo woos? That’s a lotta woos
Honky Tonk (Chuck Leavell on cowbell) fun graphics on screen. Chuck gets a solo
Started to rain a bit
Mentioned Nick Foles says hi from Jacksonville. Said he was gonna get a hoagie from Wawa but he hit a pothole he dissed Sheetz
Band intros
Keith up to mic
Slipping away
Before They Make Me Run
Miss You cool neon graphics Mick out with green jacket and tongue tee
Steady rollin Charlie
Micks dancing so skinny and rigorous
Daryl gets a solo
Mick and backing singer get a bit cozy. Mick kisses Daryl
Midnight Rambler And then it started pouring
Paint it Black
Gimme Shelter
Start me up

Brown Sugar