So my husband Chip went to Woodstock. He was something like 16 years old, had a shaved head, no tickets, no money, no food….well I’ll let HIM tell you the story (taped two years ago). Check out both parts so you don’t miss out on the brown acid, light blue ball busters and Chef Boy-R-Dee ravioli (all crucial plot lines).

CLICK HERE –¬† Debbi and Chip talk about getting experienced at Woodstock
CLICK HERE – Debbi’s husband, Chip, talk about his strange Woodstock Trip
We’re highlighting¬†performances from Woodstock throughout the day today on MGK with interviews and commentary plus we’re giving away copies of a 3 CD Woodstock set.
AND watch for me on WHYY/Channel 12 this weekend as I co-host a fantastic Woodstock documentary special.