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One of my all-time favorite bands, U2, was in the news yesterday as the band’s frontman, Bono, stated the band had an album that was nearly completed.

The only catch is that the nearly finished album will not be the next group of songs the world will hear from U2 and that they will release a completely different album beforehand.

Bono has high praises for “Songs of Ascent,” which is the working title for the album that is pretty much finalized, but says the band will go for more of a rock ‘n’ roll-based album that will be aggressively guitar-heavy for its next official release.

Bono mentioned the band contemplated putting the album out to try and stay competitive in the music world but felt strongly enough about the project that he and the rest of the band felt as though the music deserved to be properly promoted before its official release in the future.

The Irish frontman of the universally renowned band feels rather strongly about the group’s current place musically and where the band is headed.

He even made one extremely bold claim.

He would not be surprised if U2 goes on to make its best album in its entire history in the next few years.

That sounds rather enticing for us U2 fans, whether it be the aforementioned “Songs of Ascent,” the untitled guitar-heavy album, or some other album that has not even been thought of yet!

Whichever album the band actually does officially release next will be the first project the group has delivered in nearly five years, with its release of “Songs of Experience” in December of 2017.

As a huge fan, the next few years sound very exciting to be a U2 listener, and I cannot wait to see what direction the band goes!

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