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Who remembers the early 90s?

A time right before the explosion of the internet.

Cell phones were a luxury, not a necessity.

VHS tapes were still the way to watch your favorite movies, and, yes, you had to rewind the tape at the end for the next time you wanted to watch it or to avoid the dreaded fee at Blockbuster!

Music was still mass distributed in physical form with CDs and records.

But what I probably miss the most about the early 90s was having my long hair!

Or any hair for that matter!

Today is a Thursday, so I figured I might as well go the “throwback Thursday” route with my daily blog post today — or maybe let’s call it Flow-back Thursday this time around.

Check out the photo above from my days at our sister station, WMMR, from nearly 20 years ago, all the way back in 1994.

I had a flow that would even make Fabio jealous!

Imagine me, to this day, still with the long hair doing the public addressing for the 76ers!

That would be a sight to see!

The photo was actually taken at the old WMMR studios that used to be at 5th and Market in the heart of Center City.

We had so many great times in that studio!

Now both WMMR’s studio and WMGK’s studio are over in Bala Cynwyd right down the street from St. Joe’s University.

Not quite as historical, but definitely easier to park!

The old studio on 5th and Market is now actually The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History.

Sometimes you need an excuse to reminisce over old times and today was a perfect time to do that.

Come to think of it, it is crazy to think that some of the music from the 90s is starting to be classified as “classic rock” now.

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