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Some unfortunate news broke yesterday in the classic rock world.

Jeff Beck, the iconic guitarist who rose to fame with the Yardbirds, passed away yesterday, January 11th.

According to his publicist, Melissa Dragich, the cause of the musician’s death was bacterial meningitis.

I am so sad about this news.

Beck was the most brilliant of guitarists – without a doubt one of the greatest players to ever pick up the instrument!

There is a reason he was often thought of as a guitarist’s guitarist.

He could definitely play with the best of them, and I am thankful for all he contributed to rock music!

My heart goes out to all of his fans, friends, and most importantly his family.

Moments like these are never easy, so hopefully, they can manage to get through it.

Many other classic rock legends have expressed their condolences about Beck’s passing as well.

Kiss superstar, Gene Simmons, took to Twitter, writing:

“Heartbreaking news to report the late, great Jeff Back has sadly passed. No one played guitar like Jeff. Please get ahold of the first two Jeff Beck Group albums and behold greatness. RIP.”

The one-and-only Mick Jagger wrote:

“With the death of Jeff Beck, we have lost a wonderful man and one of the greatest guitar players in the world. We will all miss him so much.”

And the official account for U2 posted:

“Jeff Beck was punk rock before punk existed and one of the most inventive guitar players of all time. He set a very high bar for all of us who followed. His legend will live on.

The Edge.”

Beck was honestly such a quiet and sensitive man who spoke so magically through his playing.

It is something I will miss for sure.

Luckily, his spirit is immortalized through his music, so we will always have his recordings to remember him.

So, today, let’s all play some “Freeway Jam” or “Cause We Ended as Lovers” on full blast for everyone to hear, and cherish his brilliance.

Here’s to Jeff Beck!

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