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Back When I Interviewed Adam Ant

Here’s a little throwback back post for all you loyal WMGK listeners heading into the weekend!

Here I am back in the fall of 1989, interviewing the great Adam Ant, the frontman of the band, Adam and the Ants!

The band was a post-punk and new wave type of band that rose to prominence in the late ‘70s and early ‘80s.

They definitely have some jams that I suggest checking out if you have never given the band a listen before!

After his time in the band, Adam also went on to be an actor and was cast in a ton of movies and a bunch of shows!

He even did some theater acting along the way as well.

I have to check some of them out for myself!

If any of you have seen anything he has been in before, let me know!

Also in the picture with me and Adam are former colleagues of mine and still friends to this day, Malibu Sue and Denis McNamara!

Malibu Sue is a longtime WLIR and WDRE DJ.

She is amazing at her job, for sure!

Denis McNamara is the longtime program director at WLIR and WDRE.

I know them both from my days at WDRE where I did the midday show for a handful of years from 1989 until 1993!

Hard to believe I left there 30 years ago.

Time really does fly!

The photo of Adam Ant, Malibu Sue, Denis, and I was taken the same night I did the interview at Malibu Night Club in Lido Beach on Long Island, New York.

It’s been years since I’ve been to Malibu Night Club, but it was always a great time!

In fact, there is a whole Facebook fan page devoted to the club!

Overall, that was a really fun night and it was cool to look back on it and write something up about it!

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