This Mother’s Day the MGK DJs are reflecting on the importance of their mother in their life.  Debbi Calton tells us about her mother, Betty (she’s 86 years old!).  
I’m very lucky to still have my mom. Her name is Betty and she’s 86. She lives in western North Carolina and I don’t get to see her as much as I’d like to. But I did get to spend an early Mother’s Day with her this past week.

My mom is the most selfless person I know. If I needed something hemmed or ironed for the next day at school, she would stay up late and do it.

As a military wife, she had to be ready and willing to pack and unpack every couple of years in an unknown part of the country (or world even!) AND with three kids.

When my son Dustin was born, she was here the day I got home from the hospital and held my hand (and my baby) for two weeks so I could acclimate to this new life of motherhood.

Her resilience, her pure kindness and her beautiful smile are among the many reasons that everyone loves my mom.