Thanks to Debbi Calton for letting us know about Delaware native and St Mark’s HS grad Katie Jacoby and her awesome violin skills. Katie is part of Roger Daltrey’s touring band during it’s orchestral run of ‘Tommy’. 
Katie won a school Battle of the Bands with her performance of Baba O’Riley and now she’s playing it on stage every night on tour with Roger Daltrey! If you were at the show at the The Mann Center for the Performing Arts this week, you witnessed her standout performance.

Here’s the Mann Center performance of ‘Baba O’Riley’




Here’s Katie and Roger…..

Katie Jacoby

I played "Baba O'Riley" at my high school battle of the bands (we won ????), and now I'm on tour with The Who's Roger Daltrey! WHAT?!! Hope to see some of ya - on the road through July 8. ????