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Last night, the long-awaited return of Philadelphia Sixers fans’ arch nemesis, Ben Simmons, finally took place nearly a year after his trade to the Brooklyn Nets.

This was a night Philly sports fans had been waiting for a long time to come to fruition and one that Simmons ducked last year when the Nets as a team played in the Wells Fargo Center on March 10th.

Fans let the former Sixers player hear it early and often in the only way our city knows how to greet notable opposing players.


Loud Boos!

The Philly welcome rang all throughout the Wells Fargo Center last night anytime Simmons touched the ball pretty much, and especially loud when I introduced him in the starting lineup introductions last night.

I made sure to include the fact that the 6’10” guard was representing the great LSU because anyone that knows a thing about the Australian basketball player knows just how much he loved his time spent at the university during his one year there back in 2015-16.

Ben Simmons

It was such a notable return that the game was nationally broadcasted on TNT. The network even cut to my introduction of Simmons live on TV!

As for the game itself, the 76ers left victorious with a 115-106.

The Sixers were led by Tobias Harris who scored a season-high 24 points while also contributing six rebounds and three assists

De’Anthony Melton also scored 22 points.

Harris stepping up was huge for a depleted Sixers squad, who are without stars Joel Embiid, James Harden, and Tyrese Maxey.

Even without the team’s three best players, they were able to beat a Nets team that has Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving in their lineup.

That has to be huge for the confidence of the 76ers supporting cast going forward.

Ben(edict) Arnold – I mean Simmons – tallied 11 points, seven rebounds, and 11 assists. Pretty standard.

His biggest contribution came early in the second half, however.

Less than two minutes into the second half, the earth-scorching shooter himself stepped to the free-throw line and did what he normally does!


He was unsuccessful on straight two free throws, giving everyone in the greater Philadelphia area a free five-count of Chick-Fil-A nuggets!

One nugget for each of his three-pointers made during his time with the Sixers!

All the headaches he caused us 76ers fans are now forgiven.

Not really, but thanks for the nuggets, Ben. See you again on January 25th.

That time it’ll really be fun as Embiid should be back!

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