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AXS TV will continue with programming heavy on the appreciation of great music with Vinyl Obsession, premiering on Sunday, April 2 at 8:30pm (ET).

The eight-part series will focus on rock stars and other famous musicians taking trips to the record store to share the ins and outs of their own tastes and some of their favorite vinyls with series viewers. 

The celebrities in focus will put together personal lists of their top five favorites! They’ll include some music that inspired them throughout their own careers.

Billy Gibbons, Lizzy Hale, Joe Bonamassa, Billy Sheehan, John Oates, Tommy Shaw, and Kathy Valentine of the Go Go’s will all appear in the series.


The show trailer features the great John Oates with a line that sums up a trip to the record store.

“It’s all about finding that needle in a haystack.” 

Vinyl Obsession will follow the season premiere of Top 10 Revealed on AXS TV’s new Sunday night lineup. 

Top 10 Revealed will count down the best 80’s rock ballads, glam bands, break up songs, drinkin’ tunes, rock trios, hair bands, and more.

Vinyl Obsession Giveaways on MGK

Get in the mood for Billy Gibbons with Vinyl Obsession before ZZ Top and Lynyrd Skynyrd perform with special guest Uncle Kracker at MGK Big Gig on Sunday, Sept. 17 at Freedom Mortgage Pavilion in Camden.

Listen to The John DeBella Show for your chance to win free tickets the week of Monday 3/27-Friday 3/31. The show will also give away AXS TV coffee mugs all week.

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