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Anyone who’s barhopped in Philly for the past two decades undoubtedly knows about this deal. Any college kid, blue collar or budget-conscious person has taken advantage of it. It’s known as “The Special” or “Citywide Special,” which essentially is a fancy euphemism for a shot-and-beer combo. A fun argument has been simmering over the years as to whether this one drink or two. Local blog Billy Penn investigates…


Is the Citywide Special one drink or two? A Billy Penn investigation

At Bob and Barbara's, the progenitor of Philly's infamous and glorious shot-and-beer combo, it's just "The Special." At other local dive bars, you say "gimme a Citywide" - or use its full legal title, "The Citywide Special." But put the name issue aside. And lay to rest your quibbles over which bar has the best deal.