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Games have always been a staple of partying with friends. The mid-century was dominated by cards and board games, followed by more novelty inventions such as “Never Have I Ever,” “Truth Or Dare,” and “Spin The Bottle.” The turn of the 20th century saw a resurgence of (bawdy) card games like “Cards Against Humanity” and physical drinking games like beer pong and cornhole.

Fast-forward to the modern age and drinking games are seemingly more extreme every year. Discontent with merely shotgunning a beer, videos have started popping up online of a new way to guzzle alcohol and risk your life all at once!

“Drink or Drown” is what it’s called and requires a Saw-like head device, which traps what could amount to gallons of booze around your head, forcing you to literally drink… or drown (yes, you could simply tilt forward and have it all dump out, but that’s no fun for the crowd).