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Report: Nick Sirianni Needs Big Dom to Help Control His Emotions

We know what happened to the Eagles from the week after Thanksgiving until the night of January 15th. The team started 10-1, then turned into an abject disaster. Many reasons have been given that could've been the cause. I wrote a bunch about the offensive coordinator being the problem. Which is true. The defensive coordinator(s) were too. The scheme. The talent. All of it. But what was mentioned recently by someone I find to be a very good reporter who is well-connected to the team, seemed to be the craziest so far. JAKIB Sports' Derrick Gunn mentioned that Eagles head of security Big Dom's suspension played a role in the Eagles' collapse. Sure, that was brought up as a joke as the Eagles end of season spiral was happening. Derrick's reporting is a legitimate report. Sounds insane right? The Eagles season fell apart because the head of security wasn't around to keep the head coach's emotions in check. That leads to arguments with players. I mean come on. If this is true, I'm not sure if I think the Eagles are in a bit more trouble than I expected or is this the perfect thing for this team? Big Dom is not going to get suspended again. Don't expect to see him involved in any altercations with opposing players. If that is the simple fix for this team, then that's great. Back to the Super Bowl next season! You don't go 33-11 under a coach for no reason. Yea, it is a bizarre story. A team collapses because the head coach lost his 6'4" anger management counselor for the final six games of the regular season. When the altercation between Big Dom and Dre Greenlaw happened, and both were ejected, we all talked about how great a trade-off it was. The head of security for one of the 49ers best defensive players. Per Gunner's report, it seems we couldn't have been more wrong. Is Big Dom the linchpin of this whole organization? [select-listicle listicle_id="950669" syndication_name="4-nfl-teams-we-expect-to-wear-new-uniforms-next-season" description="yes"]

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