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Let’s get this out of the way quickly. I LOVE THE EAGLES. My favorite sports team in the whole world. #1. followed by the rest of the Philly teams as #1A,B,C. I enjoy going to games. The atmosphere, the partying it’s all amazing. They playoffs are even more amazing. In my mind there is just a limit to what I’ll pay for that atmosphere. And the prices for these tickets are far past that limit.

According to the master of the airport interview, NBC Philly’s John Clark, the most expensive tickets sold so far were over $4,000 a piece! Average ticket prices for the NFC Championship game have surpassed last year’s costs by 31%.

It’s not some small uptick in pricing, it’s an insane jump in costs. This probably doesn’t even take into account the idiotic service charge you’re getting hit with for EACH ticket you purchase.

You could go on an amazing trip to the Maldives using a travel site for 6 grand. You could do a week exploring Italy for 8 grand. You could get a beach front home at the Jersey Shore for under 5 grand (which being place after a week in Italy seems not like a great deal). An oceanfront home in the Outer Banks for a week would run you 8K with a pool, private walk to the beach etc. Or you can buy a pair of NFC Championship Game tickets to be in the building while the Eagles beat down the 49ers for 8 grand.

Hey it’s your money, do with it what makes you happy!

Go Birds!!!!